About Me

My name is Christine Rödder, I was born on december, 22nd in 1985 in the beautiful area of the Westerwald. Because I come from a farm, ever since the beginning of my life I was in contact with animals. When I was an infant we had a german shepherd called Basso. After his death  we had not had any other dogs for several years. But in 1995 my biggest wish came true and we got a puppy: Nicki which was a mixture between 3/4 appenzell mountain dog and 1/4 shepherd. She only had a short life because  she died within only a couple of months on the consequences of a car accident.

Because we were so used to a dog again, we looked around for a new family member, that is when our first pure-bred bernese mountain dog Ronja came to us. But she did not stay alone very long…and so I grew up with our bernese mountain dogs :)!

Ever since, I was involved in caring and taining of our dogs and when I started my studies for a certified agricultural engineer (main subject animal science) I had the wish to have an own dog. I was looking for a special dog of small size but still a “real” dog, that is  agile, intelligent, not overbred and with no specific diseases.


In the internet I found the breed “papillon” and  since then I am infected with this “virus” and would not want to miss one of my sweeties :)!

Advanced education:

A puppy is born – practical experiences

Breeding strategies in dog breeding – Methods of breeding value estimation and genomic selection

Fertility disorders in dogs

Puppy diseases

Introduction to naturopathy

The liability of dog breeder and holder

Cynologic basic course with basic courses

Basic course judging dogs

Basic course dog breeding

Basic course breeding practice

Epigenetics: The Memory of genes

Good genes, healthy litter: Selection and litter planing in dogs

When things get complicated: Expert knowledge of dog birth

It all depends on the right timing: The optimal mating time for bitches

Worst case: Emergencies at birth and in the first few weeks of life (dogs)

9. Breeder seminar from the Surgical and Gynecological Small Animal Clinic of the Ludwigs-Maximilian-University Munich (Fit in all situations- exercise and physiotherapeutic activities in everyday life; Progesterone is not the same as progesterone; Weak puppies – Recognition and treatment; All about teeth from young to old)

Oh dear: When the first few weeks of life are difficult (dogs)