On april, 29th Nelly delivered 5 healthy puppies! We are happy about 3 boys and 2 girls :)!

Proud parents are:

VanGelis Silvermoon  x  Lindatorps Corona

MultiCH VanGelis Silvermoon      x      MultiCH Lindatorps Corona

Our puppies:


Girl, Girl, Boy, Boy, Boy


The Boys:

Serenely's Back To Black-8880neuklein2  Serenely's Born To Be Wild-8892neuklein  Serenely's By My Side-8888neuklein

                        Serenely’s Back To Black                                    Serenely’s Born To Be Wild                                       Serenely’s By My Side


The Girls:

Serenely's Beautiful Love-8877neuklein  Serenely's Be My Baby-8902neuklein

                                                                  Serenely’s Beautiful Love                                       Serenely’s Be My Baby



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